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Al is the son of an immensely wealthy father, and had only known fancy hotels and a workless and materialist lifestyle.

Series One

He had spent the night with Simone, a girl he had met at a nightclub, and got a terrible shock when he discovered the next morning that she had died from the virus. Al was unprepared for life without modern technology, but after finding Najid alone in the city, Al took him along, soon developing a paternal relationship with him.

Series Two

Trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building in the first episode, Al is confronted with the very real possibility that he will die. It comes down to Anya, trapped with him, to bolster his morale and remind him that happiness and maybe even love are still possible in this post apocalyptic world. As the series progresses, Al continues to act as a father figure to Naj while he also begins a secret romance with Sarah.

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