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{{Series 1 Characters}}
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[[Category:Main characters]]

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Anya Raczynski
Anya large
Anya Raczynski
Name: Anya Raczynski
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 12
All Appearances: List
Old Occupation: Doctor
Portrayer: Zoe Tapper


Anya was a doctor in a busy city hospital when the virus struck, and watched hundreds of patients die of the virus, including her friend Jenny Walsh.

Relationship with TomEdit

Series OneEdit

After helping a severely wounded Tom, she joins the group. In an internal struggle to rationalise why she has survived, she rejects her medical profession. She discloses that she blames herself for having been too inexperienced to save any of her patients, particularly Patricia, her former lover. With the encouragement of Abby, she composes herself, and goes on to successfully deliver a breech birth.

Series TwoEdit

Anya finds herself trapped in the rubble with Al in the opening episode of the series as Tom races to rescue her. As the series develops, Anya and Tom's mutual attraction becomes an increasing dilemma for her - can she reconcile her feelings for him with her sexuality? And if so, can she open up and trust a man whose cold menace and hidden past frighten her?

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