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Bob Murphy
Name: Bob Murphy
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 2
Old Occupation: Unemployed
Portrayer: Daniel Ryan

Bob Murphy was the manager of a local supermarket. He witnessed Sarah Bowyer shopping in his store multiple times and claims to have "fallen in love from a distance." After the virus broke out, Bob found Sarah roaming the streets. He took her to the supermarket's warehouse where they hid. However, Bob told Sarah that if she didn't do what he wanted he wouldn't take care of her. As such, he sexually abused her for days.

Unfortunately, Bob had an accident in the warehouse, during which he crashed the forklift into the one of the shelves and it collapsed on top of him, breaking his leg. Sarah, unsure of what to do, left him as he was. Luckily, the next morning she encountered Greg Preston, who agreed to help her. They stabilised Bob's leg and were able to get him anti-biotics. Sarah then decides to leave Bob and go with Greg to join with his group. On their way out, the warehouse is taken over by Dexter and his gang.

He appears again in episode six, though he is in a wheelchair.