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Dexter is a primary antagonist of BBC's Survivors, first encountered in the second episode of the series.

Little is known of Dexter's life before the apocalypse, though his manner of dress would suggest that he was a white-collar worker, or at least fancies himself above his station. His reserved look serves as a great contrast to his unhinged personality. In season two, during a bizarre encounter with Tom, it is revealed that Dexter's father was cold towards him, favoring his sister. Dexter has little regard for the lives of others, often taking lives on a whim, and, according to Samantha Willis, is also a rapist who once targeted a young girl.

Dexter at the trial.
Dexter at the trial.
Name: Dexter
Gender: Male
Spouse: Unnamed Girlfriend (episode 2)
Episodes Appeared in: 3
Old Occupation: Henchman
Portrayer: Anthony Flanagan

Series One[]

Dexter survived the outbreak of the virus and spent its early days with a group of like-minded ruffians and a young blond woman, drinking and using intimidation against any survivors they came across. When the Family came across the group, Dexter and his men made it clear that they were willing to use lethal force to protect the scavenged supplies they claimed for themselves. After a heated altercation, the groups came to an agreement and parted ways.

Later, Dexter was shown to have left his group and have joined forces with Samantha Willis, acting as her right hand man. The relationship was shown to be strained, as Dexter's often violent and borderline psychotic behavior fell far out of line with Samantha's own ideals.

Series Two[]

After shooting Greg at the end of series 1, we again see Dexter with Samantha's group. After kidnapping Tom Price and sitting as a juror on his trial, Dexter's decision to declare Tom as not guilty leads Samantha to want him gone once and for all. She promises Tom his freedom if he kills the man, to which Tom agrees. Dexter is later murdered by Tom in the gardens by a break to his neck after a grueling fight between the two men.