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Dr. James Whitaker
Whitaker watching Abby
Whitaker watching Abby
Name: Dr. James Whitaker
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Episodes Appeared in: 6
Old Occupation: Doctor
Portrayer: Nicholas Gleaves


Dr. James Whitaker was a biochemist leading the research into a cure for the virus from the safety of a biologically secure research & development facility. As the research began to require increasingly unethical practises he struggled to maintain the loyalty of his colleagues.

Series Two[]

He hid his wife Jill Whitaker and his infant son Lukas, within the facility - breaking his own rules by doing so. He worked for the mysterious character called Mr. Landry with whom he communicates over an online video link. Landry instructed Whitaker to continue to search for a vaccine to treat the European Flu as none of them were immune to the virus. Whitaker can be viewed as the overall main villain of Survivors Series 2 as he was responsible for the kidnapping of both Peter Grant and Abby Grant as well as killing many innocent people by doing tests on them to find a vaccine for the virus.


In Episode 6, Series Two, James Whitaker was accidently shot at the airfield by a sniper working for Langley.