"European Flu" was the name used to refer to the strain of H1N1 Influenza that wipes out 99% of the world's population at the beginning of the series. The name derives from the belief in the general public that the flu originated somewhere in Western Europe. The flu bears many similarities in its design to real-life pandemic strains such as Swine Flu.

The Original Strain Edit

The original strain of the virus was created by PSJ as headed by Michael Landry, as an unforeseen side-effect of research into a vaccine that could protect against all forms of Influenza. The research began in China in 2007, where the first victims of the virus were seen; this was covered up by PSJ and Dr. James Whitaker. By 2008, cases of the virus had spread across the globe, and in a single night 99% of the world's population was killed. The only ones who survived were those naturally immune and Peter and Abby Grant, both of whom were able to fight off the virus naturally.

Notable Victims Edit

Later strains Edit

After the initial wipeout, the virus was passed to the bird population, wherin it mutated into a strain capable of killing those immune to the original virus. This was first seen to occur in a house at the End Farm, where the virus killed the chickens before infecting the household.

Notable Victims Edit

Symptoms Edit

The main symptoms of the European Flu were a high temperature, drowsiness, delerium, hallucinations and general malaise. Victims would also feel pus-filled lumps under their arms. Succumbing to the virus was described by Abby Grant as feeling "lighter than air".

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