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Fiona Douglas
Fiona Douglas testing the virus on Abby Grant.
Fiona Douglas testing the virus on Abby Grant.
Name: Fiona Douglas
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 3
Old Occupation: Doctor
Portrayer: Geraldine Somerville

Fiona was a scientist who worked closely with Dr. James Whitaker. Fiona was an expert in virology and the Lab's best hope for finding a vaccine to treat the European Flu.

When all the other lab's scientists became infected and then killed by the virus, Fiona was the only one that was immune to it. Abby Grant and her crew found her and asked her about the new vaccine she was working on, she said it could be the cure that they had been looking for. She tested the vaccine on Al and the signs were positive. Whilst at the lab they kept Whitaker in a secure holding which prevented him from escaping. Later however, Fiona betrayed them and let Whitaker out of his holding in exchange for him taking her to Landry. The two of them agreed with each other and escaped the lab together before Abby and her crew realised.


Before Whitaker took Fiona to Landry, he went back to the place he had left Peter Grant at to take him with them. Peter was scared and armed with a gun that Whitaker had given him. Out of fear he accidently shot Fiona because he thought she was an enemy to him. Her dead body was later found resting against a car by Tom Price.