Greg Preston
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Paterson Joseph

Series One

Greg first encounters Abby on the motorway. His original wish is to be self-sufficient and alone, but as Abby convinces the other survivors to come together he decides to remain within the group. Greg is shown to be more prepared than most to survive in this post-virus world, having immediately assembled a range of necessities from an army and navy surplus store. The idea of a relationship between Abby and Greg is hinted at in the first series, with moments in which he seems to have feelings towards her. Unlike the Greg in the original series, this Greg is black, consistent with the multi cultural aims of the producers.

Series Two

After his near death experience in episode 1, Greg returns to health with a newfound purpose - in Abby's absence he will lead the Family to safety, and that includes ditching their most volatile member - Tom. Meanwhile, Greg's recollection of a mysterious postcard he received days before the virus outbreak lingers in the back of his mind...


Greg was enslaved along with Tom Price in Series Two Episode Four. He was soon found and while the rest of the team were heald captivity, they tied him to the roof but way later after Tom escaped, he was saved by Tom and went back on to the family again.

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