Name: Kate
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 1
Old Occupation: High School Student
Portrayer: Sacha Parkinson

Kate was a girl living with her father and her baby brother, Davy. She went out to see Greg Preston & Tom Price, to whom she explained that she and her brother had been home sick when the virus struck, meaning her family had not been exposed to it, allowing their survival. She didn't want to leave her family while Greg and Tom tried to take her to the Family House. Whenever she cried, Tom argued with Greg that she should stay. Kate attempted to escape while they were arguing, but they followed her to her house. Her father opened the door, where Greg explained that they were not sick, but may be carriers. Kate's father then slammed the door closed, effectively kicking her out. Kate continued to cry while Greg explained she had to leave and follow him and Tom to the Family House.

In the end, Tom takes her to say her goodbyes to her father. She speaks to him through the door. When she is done, Tom points out to her father that what he is doing is futile and reminds her father that they will run out of supplies. As a result, her father opens the door and welcomes Kate back.

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