Michael Landry
Michael Landry
Michael Landry
Name: Michael Landry
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown; probably 50s/60s
Episodes Appeared in: 2
Old Occupation: Unknown
Portrayer: Patrick Malahide

Micheal Landry was the head of a secretive organisation mainly known through its cover company PSJ Industries, a medicinal research company. He was in charge of the company in 2007, when the company accidentally created the strand of H1N1 Influenza known as European Flu that wiped out 99% of the world's population.

Landry was also in charge of the operations designed to create a virus-free paradise after the European Flu outbreak, mainly by sending out postcards telling certain members of society to go to the Airfield. It is believed that one of these members was Natalie Preston.

Dr. James Whitaker reported to Landry during his attempts to use Abby and Peter Grant to create a vaccine that immunised against all forms of influenza. When Whitaker was taken hostage in the Lab by Tom Price, he was spoken to by Greg Preston. Soon after this, Landry was in charge of negotiations at the Airfield, where he traded Peter Grant for vials of the Vaccine.

Landry's personal life and history before creating the Virus is unknown.

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