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Najid Hanif
Najid large.jpg
Name: Najid Hanif
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Episodes Appeared in: 12
All Appearances: List
Old Occupation: School Student
Portrayer: Chahak Patel


Najid is an 11-year old boy and a devout Muslim, who is shown to be praying at the time when the virus eradicates the remainder of the world.

Series One[]

He awakes in the mosque to find the entire congregation, including his parents and the rest of his family, dead. Najid runs away, and meets Al. After establishing that Al is not a paedophile, Najid accompanies him as the pair joins the group. Najid's father had told his son that if he should find himself alone, he should tell the authorities that he has cousins in Blackburn, but as there are no longer any authorities, Najid does not known his cousins' address and there is no guarantee that they are still alive, he is set to remain with the group for the foreseeable future. Shown to be a friendly and considerate boy, Najid is adopted into the group with the most ease, and makes close bonds especially with Abby and Al.

Series Two[]

Following Abby's kidnapping, Najid becomes the one member of the Family who will never give up on her, fighting to stay in the city and to continue searching. As he becomes more headstrong over the course of the series, will he ever be recognised as more than "just a kid"?