Survivors Wiki
Name: Sally
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Spouse: Billy Stringer
Mother: Unknown Name (deseacsed)
Father: Unknown Name (deseacsed)
Episodes Appeared in: 2
Old Occupation: Unemployed
Portrayer: Emma Lowndes

Before the Virus, Sally had a family and after they died, she was lost on the road. Billy found her and they had a relationship. She was weak at knowing what exactly was going on and was keeping the men happy till John came and took them. She later ran away with the Family. She suddenly was left whimpering working for Henry Smithson while trying to break Tom Price & Greg Preston out from Smithson. Once Tom freed the slave, they were all trying to beat up Smithson and his staff but the family found her. She later stayed in a commumity house along with Judy and her friends.