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The Rt Hon Samantha Willis MP
Samantha Willis
Samantha Willis
Name: The Rt Hon Samantha Willis MP
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 5
Old Occupation: Government Minister
Portrayer: Nikki Amuka-Bird


Samantha becomes the only Government minister left after the virus. Beforehand, she had been the main Government official in charge of dealing with the virus which, she had learned, was incurable and would wipe out over 99% of the world's population. The Prime Minister, her other colleagues and her family have all died from the virus. She moves into a small ecopolis, which is a completely self-sufficient facilty where she establishes a Provisional Government.

Series One[]

Her aims are to restore order and absolute moral and legal law, despite the vulgarity and brutishness of the duties she assumes, including executing a woman put on trial and found guilty of having invaded the complex looking for supplies. Later she forms an uneasy alliance with Dexter, a violent gang leader who had been threatening her community.

Series Two[]

Samantha Willis returns in the second series continuing her ambitious plans for expansion, aided and abetted by her henchman Dexter. As the number of compromises she makes grows, how much longer can her dreams of justice and fair governance last?