Sarah large

Before the virus, Sarah led a very pampered and hedonist lifestyle and she was used to getting what she wanted.

Series One

When she had to leave to get away from the cities, she met a man called Bob who was attracted to Sarah and gave her a place to stay inside the massive food and drink warehouse he had taken over. Hating life there, Sarah was happy when Greg came to help an injured Bob. After she failed to convince him to stay there, and facing life alone and against potentially hostile further intruders, she joined Abby's community. She has made several poor survival choices, and may end up being a transitory member of this community. Thus far, she has slept with Tom and betrayed Anya's medical aptitudes to Samantha Willis.

Series Two

Self serving and manipulative in the last series, Sarah is now confronted with the horrors of the post-virus world. With this new series comes new challenges and the race is now on to rescue her friends. As Sarah continues her journey will she finally begin to find her place in the Family?

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