Sarah Bowyer
Sarah large.jpg
Name: Sarah Bowyer
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Episodes Appeared in: 10 (appears as ghost in one episode)
All Appearances: List
Old Occupation: Unemployed
Portrayer: Robyn Addison

Before the virus, Sarah led a very pampered spoilt lifestyle and she was used to getting what she wanted.

Series One[edit | edit source]

When she had to leave to get away from the cities, she met a man called Bob who was attracted to Sarah and gave her a place to stay inside the massive food and drink warehouse he had taken over. Hating life there, Sarah was happy when Greg came to help an injured Bob. After she failed to convince him to stay there, and facing life alone and against potentially hostile further intruders, she joined Abby 's community. She has made several poor survival choices, and may end up being a transitory member of this community. Thus far, she has slept with Tom and betrayed Anya's medical aptitudes to Samantha Willis.

Series Two[edit | edit source]

Self serving and manipulative in the last series, Sarah is now confronted with the horrors of the post-virus world. With this new series comes new challenges and the race is now on to rescue her friends. She falls in love with Al and they share a passionate relationship throughout the first few episodes of Series Two.

Relationship with Al[edit | edit source]

In Series 2, Sarah fell in love with Al Sadiq. They were talking about what they were gonna do in the future but Sarah disagreed what Al said and wanted things her own way. Sarah's last words to Al was to '1: Look after Najid and 2: to leave her alone' and not die with her. A tearful Sarah goes back in the house upsetting Al.

Death[edit | edit source]

In episode five, Sarah is told to go and visit the End Farm. When she goes in she finds a family who are dying from a new form of the virus. She helps them even though the old man refuses. Sarah stays at the house and looks after them. The old man's wife dies and then the old man follows. Sarah knows she cannot leave the house because she has been in contact with the virus. She stands at the door and says her goodbyes and goes back in the house. The next day Abby goes in because she less likely to be at risk. She finds Sarah on the bed who has passed away. She covers her up with the sheets and covers the house in petrol. Abby then burns the house down to get rid of the new form of Virus. In Series Two Episode Six while Al is being tested for the vaccine, she appears as a ghost and stares at Al. One second later, she walks off in tears and vanishes.

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