1.03 "Episode 5" Farren Blackburn Simon Tyrell 16 February 2008
"I'm not scared of you, are you scared of me?"
Judy to Tom

Reunited and on the road, the Family travel south on the lookout for a new home. They encounter a small but thriving community of survivors and, after some initial trepidation, decide to ta

Sarah 3.jpg

ke up their offer of hospitality, but Sarah discovers a father and daughter dying of a new mutant strain of the virus and eventually catches it herself. Al and Sarah enjoy their new romance, Tom simmers as Anya makes friends with the new community's leader, Judy. But Tom's anger is short-lived when his relationship with Anya takes a dramatic twist. Greg and Abby leave together to follow up Greg's suspicions about a mysterious postcard, which lead him to an abandoned airfield. Sarah has died and Abby and the rest return to the lab. She sees Whitaker & Peter on the camera and runs after them but it's too late, they've gone.

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