# Title Director Writer Original airdate Ratings (millions)
1.01 "Episode 4" David Evans Jimmy Gardner 9 February 2010 6.97

Tom and Greg are enslaved alongside Kevin and dozens of others in Mr Smithson's coal mine. Meanwhile, the Family are desperately hunting for them and follow Billy, their only lead, to a roadside motel where he is meeting his girlfriend, Sally. When questioned, Billy feigns ignorance and exits under the pretence of asking around while on his trading route, leaving the Family with Sally.

In the mine, an accident leaves Kevin badly injured. Greg formulates an escape plan by convincing Smithson that he is a geologist and that he has discovered a gas leak in the mine. However, the Family are converging on Smithson's with their own rescue plans, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse. At ther end there's an appearence from Peter.

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