# Title Director Writer Original airdate Ratings (millions)
2.01 "Episode 1" Jamie Payne Adrian Hodges 12 January 2010 4.45 (overnight)

Abby has been kidnapped. Anya tries to remove the shotgun pellets from Greg who is badly wounded but she lacks medical equipment. She leads Al and Tom to a burning hospital. Meanwhile, Abby is in

Survivors 2.jpg

terviewed by Whitaker, the leader of the laboratory scientists. But when the hospital collapsed, Anya and Al are trapped. Tom goes to get help from Najid and Sarah but they can't move the rubble. Another group of survivors arrive and offer to help. Following talks with Whittaker, who says he lost all his family, Abby agrees to undergo medical experiments to help find a cure for the virus. Meanwhile Sarah goes to see a brutal gang boss who agrees to provide lifting equipment - but she pays a terrible price. Abby is released from her confinement by a disillusioned scientist but they are both quickly recaptured by Whitaker (who is revealed to have kept his wife, Jill, and infant son alive despite telling everyone they were dead). Anya and Al are freed from the rubble. With the medical supplies, Greg is saved. But the next day Greg says he will leave if Tom stays - as he saw him kill a man in cold blood; Tom leaves the group.

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