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2.01 "Episode 6" Farren Blackburn Adrian Hodges 23 Feburary 2010 TBA

Continued from Series Two Episode Five, In mourning over the loss of one of their own, and with a new strain of the virus set to take hold, the Family find themselves battling on all fronts. They convene in the ruined Lab, discovering that Fiona was the only one to survive the outbreak of the mutated virus. With a ne

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w strain of the virus loose, Fiona and Anya work to find a vaccine that is more important than ever. But Abby's only concern is to find her son, Peter, previously glimpsed briefly outside the Lab.

Al, believing that he has nothing left to lose, volunteers himself to test the vaccine. Meanwhile, Whitaker, surviving off the serum culled from Abby's blood, continues to hamper the Family's plans with lies and deceptions. He is eventually captured and held hostage in one of the test rooms within the ruined lab. Abby urges Tom to get him to tell her where Peter is at whatever the cost but to no avail.

Fiona helps Whitacker escape as long as he takes her with him but as the two make their way to the caravan site where Peter is hiding, Peter inadvertantly shoots and kills Fiona with the gun Whitacker gave him for protection. Whitacker takes Peter and attempts to flee but is stopped in his tracks by Tom who tries to urge Peter to come with him by telling him his mother is looking for him. However the entire situation is too much for Peter to bear and he pulls the trigger on the gun a second time causing a nearly fatal consequence.

Whitacker flees with Peter once again with the group hot on their tail -- leading them to the abandoned airbase for a final showdown with the mysterious Landry.

Peter is about to be taken on the plane with Landry and, once Whittaker is dead and Landry leaves. Abby and Peter are reunited. While the family begin the search for Tom, he manages to sneak onto Landry's plane for the closing shot. Will the family ever find Tom?

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