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All the members of the Family (so far)
All the members of the Family (so far)
Name: The Family
Created by: Abby Grant
Episodes Appeared in: 12
Members: see members section

The family are a bunch of Survivors who fight together to survive a flu virus that kill billions of people. They first meet in Series One Episode One but they are not the only ones. In the first series, they had a home but left it to avoid Samantha Willis and they keep finding somewhere to stay everytime. They try to save everyone. They include, a woman who is desprate to find her son, a criminal from prison, a man who was left by his wife, a doctor who is guilty and is too frightened to reveal herself she's a doctor, a cool man who slept with a lady, broke the speed limit after the police weren't left alive, an 11-year-old-boy who devout muslim and a blonde woman who worked with a man and liked most men.


Main people[]