Tom Price
Tom Price with scratches on his head.
Tom Price with scratches on his head.
Name: Tom Price
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Mother: Unknown Name (deseacsed)
Episodes Appeared in: 12
All Appearances: List
Old Occupation: Unemployed
Portrayer: Max Beesley

Tom Price is a toughened criminal who is fearless and strong, As such he is able to kill without remorse. Largely through his relationship with Anya, becomes quite loyal to the group. He is not a conventional team player as he is always willing to fight to ensure his comfortable place within it. Tom says he was born in Salford. Throughout the series, it has been hinted that he may have had a previous military background, which possibly may have had direct or indirect connections to his incarceration.

Series One

Tom was serving a sentence of at least twenty years for murder in HM Prison Wandsworth when the virus struck. He and the rest of the prisoners were isolated in their cellsunder orders from the Prison Governor, to try to prevent the virus spreading, but it was no good. Eventually he found himself alone with the last surviving prison officer, Gary Wilson; the other prisoners and prison officers, along with prison physician Dr. Colin Thompson (and, presumably, the briefly-mentioned but unseen Prison Governor), having all died. In spite of the fact that prison rules and regulations now no longer applied, Wilson refused to release Tom who, as far as he was concerned, was still a prisoner of Her Majesty's Government. Gary resented the fact that Tom had survived the virus, and was determined to do his duty and ensure that his prisoner served the remainder of his sentence. Tom escaped after killing Gary and made his way home, only to discover that his mother had died from the virus.

Series Two

Tom is as ruthless and unpredictable as before. In Episode 1 he finds himself the leader of the Survivors in the city, faced with the seemingly insurmountable problem of rescuing his friends from a collapsed building. As the series progresses, he clashes with Greg as his past crimes and violent tendencies are questioned, culminating in his trial by Samantha. Throughout it all, Tom keeps one eye on an exit, and the other on Anya, hoping he can gain her affection. In episode 6, Tom is told to find Peter but as soon as he does and gets blamed by Peter & Whittaker, he is shot unconscouis. Tom manages to escape on Landry's plane leaving Anya to worry and force the rest of the family to help find him.


Gary Wilson

While in prison once all the prisoners and the staff were dead in HM Prison, as Tom and Gary were the only survivors, Gary tried to lock Tom in a coupboard refusing to take Tom's offer to be set free. Tom later stabbed him and ran off.

Gavin Wilson

Gavin tried to kidnap Anya Raczynski but as soon as they rescued Anya, Tom killed Gavin with his gun.


Tom was in prison but he is sent by Samantha to kill Dexter.


Kevin is hurt by a mine. Tom suffocates Kevin with his mouth to stop him from feeling the pain.


A guard shot Whitaker but as he tried to kill Greg, Tom tried to shoot him. Tom ordered Najid to kill the guard but Najid struggled and he shot the guard while being restrained on the ground by Al.

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