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Trikster87 (aka Peter) is an administrator on Survivors Wiki living in the South of the Shetland Islands up in the north of Scotland living in a village called Sandwick. I am a fan of Survivors but I only firstly watched the 2nd series! I can be found on [http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/ TARDIS Wiki] only! Wanna get in touch with me, leave a message on my talk page! My favorite characters are [[Abby Grant]] & [[Tom Price]] and my fav episodes are [[Series Two Episode Four]].
Please note I am also registred as [[User:Spasov1010]] and [[User:WikiProductions.com|WikiProductions]] is my secret account.

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Trikster87 is no longer active. Please refer to this link is you are looking for this user.
Trikster87, 22:34, 2 December, 2010 (UTC)

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