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Catherine Munro


i am watching the first chapter [1] (subtitled in spanish like me) and i go around looking the survivor wikia, and here i am, i will back later to see w W? W? W? W?, not a problem if you go slow, start a wikia is a hard work--Fero 00:22, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

New dude!

I'll be helping as well! Trikster87 - 15:36 - 6th February 2010


Thanks Mate (:


Thank you so much for sorting out my template! You must have a clever memory that you know about the age of the character and origin in the infobox! Triskter87 14:31 10th Feburuary 2010

P.S Did you watch last night's survivors?


Ah don't worry, its fine (:

Yeah I saw it, it was brilliant!

I can't wait until next week...


Hi, I'm new to this wiki, but I love the series Survivors, I've seen all of series one and seen all so far of Series two. I'm also fairly good with MediaWiki and templates. I'm admin on a load of wikis and have a lot of experaince under my belt. Let me know where you want me to help! --Lcawte 17:40, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

What I've been doing

Thank you very much! While you've been gone, I have been adding Infoboxes to each character, adding the actors to the characters' page, creating pages about they're appearances and one about the show's creator, Adrian Hodges. Hodges also created one of my other favorite programmes, Primeval and the next one I'll be doing will be about Terry Nation and adding more infoboxes and adding contents about actors to the character pages. Thank you so much for creating this Wiki, I love it better than my main wiki. We should create categories about users and adding infoboxes about us. I will get back to you again! I will edit on this wiki forever! Trikster87, Feburuary 23rd, 20:11 (UTC)

P.S The end of the last episode was very funny when Tom escaped on the plane! I thought he was gonna die but he didn't.


Yeah, I've seen some of the work you've been doing and it's great. Yeah the last episode was great! I wonder how long until series 3 comes out?


I think that the third series will be next year or something like that. My Mum asked the same question. I watch Survivors on BBCiplayer now and again.-


Hi, I've created an infobox for the Characters, I just wanted to know what you thought of it, its at Template:Character Infobox, and an example of it at work is at User:Lcawte/Sandbox. --Lcawte 15:57, February 27, 2010 (UTC)


Yeah it looks absolutely great!


Thank you so much!

New pages!

Hi, I have now done over 330 edits on this wikia now. Some days after I arrived, I put the actor pages on the character page but instead, I have put the actors on sepreate pages. Please look at them, reply and tell me what you think of them. Many thanks! Trikster87, 11:54, 29th March 2010, (UTC)


Trikster, I think what you've done is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!

It's amazing, you're are brilliant at this!

I cannot thank you enough. The pages are so good.

Maybe over time we can make infoboxes on the episodes and characters, to make this website even better.

Thank you so much again.


Thanks for emailing me!

Yeah, we should work together but sometimes, I might not be here, tommorow if you need me I'll be on the computer at 10:45am. Thanks for replying to me about the actor pages! Trikster87!

One thing, I am creating a page about Greg's wife and I can't remember where she went too and never came back so if you remember, either you put it in or you tell me and I'll put it in.

My own wiki!

I've created a wiki. I am not telling you what it is but it will be a suprise. You can see it here. Also do feel free to edit! Trikster87

P.S: Also in school, Survivors is my Personal Project.

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